Librarycamp SW

 Camps and unconferences seem to be a vibrant new way for people connect,  to think about common interests.  Librarians in particular have taken the concept to their heart and on Saturday  27th July quite a group attended an exciting day in Bristol.  There were lots of school and public librarians, but also others from a wide range of backgrounds. many from a higher academic background.  There was a lot of fun, exchange of ideas and cake recipes!!  Definitely something that works for those that attended.  If you find one of these taking place in your area then do try and attend.  It really is great, especially if you are a lone library worker in your workplace.

The topics discussed were varied, but there was a lot of interest in social media, research skills and where the profession was going.  It was great to see old friends, people I have only met on forums and new friends I met on the day.

Bounce and Rhyme for non-children's librarians

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