School for Good and Evil

school for good etcChainani, Soman

The School for Good and Evil

HarperCollins, 6th June 2013, 9780007492930,

Kindle   0007492936


What a great read.  A fairy tale fantasy with a twist; where everything gets turned on its head.  Sophie and her friend Agatha are like chalk and cheese, but which way round are they.  Both are kidnapped and taken to the school for Good and Evil, where they will be trained to be fairy tale heroes or villains.  But then they are not sent to the section they each expect, Agatha is sent to the school for good, whilst Sophie finds herself being taught to be evil.  This is a really atmospheric book, full of twists and turns that make us question the whole way that we label people and base our expectations on a how they look.  It is also about friendship and being strong enough to follow your own wishes.  This is the first part of a series, so I am looking forward to following the girls through their next set of adventures.  Great for the 8+ age group.

Review copy,  with thanks, via Netgalley

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