Lockwood and co

51zIg-g90zL__           Stroud, Jonathan

           Lockwood and co.: The Screaming Staircase

           Doubleday, 29th August 2013, 9780857532015, £12.00






The long awaited new offering from Jonathan Stroud does not fail to deliver.  Set in a world where the dead refuse to remain so, and where Psychic Investigation Agencies exist to get rid of these ghosts, this is a great balance between horror and adventure.  The heroine, Lucy Carlyle , is able to see the ghosts and has trained to eliminate those she finds.  By circumstance she links up with Anthony Lockwood and his very small company of ghost hunters and finds herself involved in more danger than she ever imagined.

A really brilliant new series that will have the audience coming back for more.  The characters are humorous, frustrating, but very likeable; so we are always on their side even when we are shouting that they are doing the wrong thing. Definitely a series to keep reading and even re-read, not something I do very often.

Review copy,  with thanks, via Netgalley

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