Reaper’s Novice (Soul Collectors, vol 1)

Robert, Cecilia

Reaper’s Novice (Soul Collectors, vol 1)

Ebook, 9781482350760


Ana Maria is part of what had always been a loving family, but suddenly her parents are always arguing and the future is beginning to look very strained.  Then everything falls apart when Ana’s family are killed in a car accident on the way to collect her.  This so far, has all the makings of a novel on dealing with loss etc., but then the author takes us down a different route.  Ana is confronted by a man called Grim (yes, Reaper is his other name), but who likes to be called Ernest.  Ernest offers her a deal; he will give back the souls (i.e. lives) of her family if she will become his apprentice in collecting the souls of those who die.

This is the start of an original and exciting book which actually makes you care about the characters.  It leads the reader to other worlds linked to ours and villains who want to take over.  The writing is not pretentious and the various elements of the plot interweave in a way that takes the reader along for the ride.  This is a book that you want to keep on reading and begrudge having to leave for any length of time.  Great for the holidays or a long journey.

Review copy,  with thanks, via Netgalley


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